Visualforce – Lightning Spinner

It is often needed to incorporate the Lightning Spinner when designing a Visualforce page using the Lightning Design System. As mentioned in other posts, SLDS only provides a set of CSS libraries therefore we cannot fully operate with its component unless we enrich it with custom Javasacript code for the behaviour. Today, I’d like to […]

Lightning style in Visualforce Pages enhancement

There is a new way of incorporating the Lightning style CSS of Salesforce aka Lightning Design System – ‘SLDS’ in Visualforce pages. Traditionally you would download a zip with all the CSS assets and you would upload it into your Salesforce org instance as a static resource in order to reference it at a later […]

The Definitive Visualforce Template Framework for Salesforce

Alright, I know that the post’s subject might sound a little bit pretentious but I truly think that what I am about to explain could be really useful to a number of Salesforce Developers and Technical Architects desiring to implement an enterprise-level Visualforce template. Some time ago, I needed to build a Visualforce template robust […]

Salesforce Spring ’17 Release Notes

Finally Salesforce has published its latest set of new functionalities packed in Spring’17 release, more info available here. There are tons of new cool features being the most remarkable one the new AI engine known as Einstein. Also, I am eager to check the lightning enhancements 🙂 Here a quick overview extracted from the notes: […]